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~ Violetta's catchphrase

About Violetta

Violetta is what you call a hero who can't seem understand some things. Although she is very naive, she can be really cheerful, and jolly but not at all times. She can always be clumsy and forgetful.


Violetta always wanted to be a hero but no one wanted her to be one due to her personality as well as clumsines. However, she still keeps her head high and kept her promise of becoming a hero. Despite being jolly, Violetta has a very different past.

She was with her brother, Sunny, Playing until a robber barged in. Sunny ran towards the robber while he was still holding Violetta. After Sunny tackled the robber, Sunny threw Violetta outside. As soon as Violetta was thrown outside, Sunny suddenly hit the roof really hard, causing the roof to collapse and fall on the robber as well as Sunny.

The next day, she was the saddest of ponies when she saw her brother. She called her brother a "Hero". It was Violetta's promise to become a hero just like her brother, no matter what it takes.  

Without anyone to stay with, she grew up with her sister-like friend, Nasha. Nasha and Violetta grew up in the streets. Twilight and the others gave them what they need in order to survive. They taught Nasha and Violetta how to read and Rarity even gave Violetta some hero costume to complete her quest on becoming a hero.

After 2 years, Nasha and Violetta managed to make their "Paradise". It was a house but similar to the town square, and contains furniture.