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TheKrazyStew TheKrazyStew 19 October 2016

Game: Make UHFO an acronym!

Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

Yeah, today we're gonna make as many acronyms out of the word UHFO as we can. Ler's have fun, but remember to follow the wiki rules.

Acronyms so far:

  • Ultimate Hashbrowns For Others
  • Universal Help For Outsiders
  • Undertale Has Finally Outstood
  • UnHeinous Flying Object
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TheKrazyStew TheKrazyStew 18 August 2016

Blog: I'm so sorry.

Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here.

Yeah, I know, usually I'm more enthusiastic than that, but life has been so stressful for me lately. Life have thrown these at me within the span of this month so far:

  • Back-to-school stress.
    • Homework.
  • Trying to find a job.
    • Writing applications. (It gets tedious when you have to do 20 applications within the span of a month.)
    • Trying to call companies to stay updated.
    • Find times to go on interviews.
  • Loss of a relative.
  • Failing to find enough time to do what I actually want to do and follow my passions.
    • Like making the games...
    • ...or posting anything to my YouTube channel.

So, why am I making this post, may you ask? Do I want your pity? No, you can keep it. I'm just making this because life is so stressful, I may have to st…

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TheKrazyStew TheKrazyStew 29 April 2016

Blog: Character Catchphrases

Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

I got bored, so I figured, "Eh, might as well make catchphrases for my characters because why not?" Let's go ahead and begin.

(Note: I will most likely edit this as time goes on.)

  • 1 Krazy
  • 2 Kevin
  • 3 Widy
  • 4 Toy Krazy
  • 5 Malachite

Hello everyone! My name is Krazy.

...You promise you won't hurt me?

Meow. I'm Widy!

Hi there, boys and girls! Ready to have a great time?

...Well, I guess I can make arrangements!

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TheKrazyStew TheKrazyStew 19 January 2016

Poll: Favorites

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TheKrazyStew TheKrazyStew 1 January 2016


2016 is finally here! To celebrate, I'm ready to announce...

...I've decided to make the game.

After overwhelming support from friends and family, I think I'm ready to make it.

Don't expect anything TOO huge just yet as the game is still in the planning phase, but I will start uploading sprites of characters that I will confirm to be in the game.

That's pretty much it for now. I won't reveal the plotline just yet, I'm still not ready, but I am super excited to get this going.

But until then, I am The Krazy Stew and I will see you all later!

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