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And yet another test.

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Roleplay Test

Test 1

Elementia: Sure, why not?

Test 2

Elementia: Let's do this.

Undertale Testing

SANS: Wanna go to Grillby's with me?

SANS: Alright.

SANS: Over here. I know of a shortcut.

SANS: Alright. Then perhaps some other time.

(There. An example of choosing an option.)

Wondertale Testing

ALICIA: So tell me, Alice. Do you regret what you did?

ALICE: ...
ALICE: Y-Yes. I regret what I did.
ALICIA: Wh-What?!
ALICIA: You mean to tell me you feel guilty for having Wonderland destroyed?
ALICIA: I thought you were smart.

ALICE: I don't regret destroying the entire Wonderland.
ALICIA: Excellent.
ALICIA: How wicked of you to say that.
ALICIA: I'm impressed.

Roleplay Setup

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to the roleplay '''Children of RPG'''.


*The maximum amount of users that will participate in this roleplay is '''5'''. Since I will be participating in this roleplay myself, that means we wound need four more or less users to join this roleplay.
*Each participating user '''should have''' a main character as a protagonist to use.
*Each participating user can choose whether or not they want to use a character for a main antagonist. In short, having a main antagonist to use is optional.
*The maximum number of protagonists for each user is '''3'''.
*The maximum number of main antagonists for each user is '''3'''.

==Character Guidelines==
*All characters that will be in this roleplay should come from '''existing games''' only. These games should be of RPG (roleplaying) type only.
*The maximum age for all of the protagonists in this roleplay is '''12'''. However, characters whose ages are not revealed in their respective games or by the game developers but are clearly children are allowed.
*The alignments of the protagonists in their respective games should be "good". This means villainous children from RPG games are '''not allowed''' to take the role of a protagonist in this roleplay. However, evil-turned-good children or good children with evil sides in them (In the case of children with split personality) can take the role of a protagonist.

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