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Uhfo (Also referred to as UHFO) is a new character. He was built as the personal assistant of Krazy-Stew, helping him with big projects.


Uhfo is an 8-bit, cartoon-esque sentient UFO, a grey dome with two black slits being his head and eyes respectively. On the bottom of his base are three lights that change depending on his current action.

  • When his lights are not on, Uhfo is powered off.
  • When his lights are red, Uhfo is standing still.
  • When his lights are blue, Uhfo is communicating.
  • When his lights are green, Uhfo is accelerating/moving.
  • When his lights are yellow, Uhfo is performing some other action.




In May 2016, Krazy-Stew announced that he would take a hiatus from YouTube to work on a new project. A few months afterwards, the entire project was lost, so Krazy-Stew made Uhfo as an assistant to help him get back on track.

Roles in the StewCraft Universe

UHFO: Alone


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