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Chapter 2: Formalrest

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*Nurn checked on the flowing river*

*Nurn saw...a reflection of just himself on the river*

Nurn: Huh...
Nurn: It's

Nurn: Well, not gonna lie. The river looks rather clean looking.
Nurn: The way it flows is rather appealing and since there are stones in there, I could skip to some stones or something.

Nurn: Something that nature offers to appreciate at, huh?

???: Whom are you talking to?

Nurn: ???!
Nurn: (Wait... I'm not the only one who's here all along??)

???: *sigh* You seemed to be talking to no one this whole time?
???: It's a shame you said such lines whilst having no one to talk to.

Nurn: (For some reason, she sounded so....British-sounding. Time for me to take some formal matters)
Nurn: *tries but fails to "tie" his non-existent bow*
Nurn: Well excuse me, my Lady. I was trying to cope-

???: Lady?? I'm a Lass! I may sound like a young "Lady", but I do not work in some household!

Nurn: What?? How am I supposed to know that?

???: ...ever heard how "Lady" is used to call such people of old?
???: There is a terminology for those who are not and it's called "Lass"!

Nurn: (Wha... I thought the formal way of calling a girl is "Lady", right? But apparently, it meant something different to her??)
Nurn: (Guess I have to play by "her rules" of formality, huh?)

???: People these days could use a book, you know?

Nurn: Seesh, you seemed to be some bookworm; huh?

???: I appeared so. I do enjoy reading a good book or maybe making up stories about them.
???: But, I apologize for sounding rude. I am not at the right state of mind at the moment.

Nurn: (I'm honestly wondering what's up with her? It's something I shouldn't worry about either)

???: Perhaps I shall introduce myself.
???: My name is Postelia A. Maranne.
Postelia: But you may and MUST refer to me as "Postelia".

From what I can tell, Postelia:

  • Has a long blond hair with green iris eyes.
  • Her face is just like any other young, er, "lass".
  • She also has a green dress with white frills on every opening of her dress.
  • Comes with a matching Sun hat with the same color and seemingly same cloth as her dress, at least from appearance.
    • And frills on the bottom ends of the hat too. Although not distracting enough for the wearer to notice them.

Nurn: Alright, nice to meet you...Postelia.

Postelia: And what name do you possesses?

Nurn: Well, I'm Nurn.

Postelia: Okay...
Postelia: Then how about your FULL name?

Nurn: Ummm....
Nurn: (Well fickles. I don't seem to have a Full Name...
...maybe I can make it up and say...)

Nurn: Nurn....a linear?

Postelia: A DOT Linear?

Nurn: Yes, just don't ask.

Postelia: It's rather an odd name choice that your parents made, but I stickie do.

Nurn: (I don't even have parents...nor even a relative)
Nurn: (Then again...I have yet to find out what is this place and possibly who I am)

Postelia: I assume you being the outsider of this very place, correct?

Nurn: Well yes I am. I was just wondering around this place to see why I came here.

Postelia: Hmm... How did you get into this place anyway?

Nurn: I don't know! It's like I just arrived but at the same time, I didn't use anything to arrive from this place.
Nurn: Let alone, starting from a desert and having to walk from here to this forest.

Postelia: That's some...effort you got into this place by just walking.
Postelia: Perhaps I shall not question the former given you have no idea how you got here, is it correct?

Nurn: Yeah... Thanks for being considerate about my confusion though.

Postelia: Hmm...
Postelia: I tell you what, perhaps I can give you a tour to how this place works?

Nurn: Well, given you seemed to be coming from this place while I don't; I suppose I can see why not.

Postelia: Excellent
Postelia: I promise you that at least it will make sense on how this "world" works that we are currently are on.

Postelia: ...just don't assume I know everything about this place, alright?

Nurn: Understood. I'll just try to only ask questions that I believe you can answer.

Postelia: Very well. Suppose it's time for me to give you a tour about this place.

Touring soon in Chapter 3...


  • You would be mistaken if you picture what Postelia looked like with the "Lady" (Trainer class) from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
    • Instead, think of her appearance as that Lady but as young as the Lass class in a typical Pokémon main series game.
  • It's captain obvious what the appearance of Postelia is inspired from. Let alone the music coming from a not matching generation.
  • School work be like: Nah, you can't make some chapters without doing school stuff first!

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