The Poetic Night is a poem written by Darytyg. The context is about how you must cherish your memories and never regret what you did in life.

The Poetic Night

We all hear of the Poetic Night

One night of mystery and magic..

The night where angels fly to the ground.

And where elves and dwarves dance under the moon.

One wonders why such amazement happens

On this fabled night so fair.

But then one realises that

The night is romantical in air.

As we danced in joy under the moon filled sky

As smiles entered on our faces.

The clouds suddenly covered the moon.

And rain fell on our clothes.

As if the sky cried tears of joy.

To the happiness that was seen.

But maybe the sky was foretelling us.

That all was not what it seemed.

For the birds chirped in light music.

The flowers boomed large and proud.

The wondrous animals ran in the forest.

The leaves falling in front of us.

The rays of the moon touching the ground.

The magic sparkles in the night,

The laughter, cheers and joy.

And smiles that beamed.

But the night was not permanent.

As mornings rays appeared.

All the beings turned to stone

And the music and magic died.

Instantly like a branch crack

All life died.

Then it was quiet 

Not a sound was heard

and all we could remember

was the night that we saw.



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