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This is a book made by Darytyg to write on his expieriences with past school events. It is a work in progress so please don't edit it without my approval thank you.

Chapter 1 :

Entrance to the forest.

One day as legend tells it there was a fox called Harold. He preferred to stay away from the darkness of the Wolf Bane forest. Legend told that inside the forest, the fabled Wolf Khan tribe lived. Harold lived by the Fox honor code with his life. Everything he did was for the foxes. He never betrayed anyone, nor went against any of the four honor codes. However today the four codes seemed to have left his feeble mind. As he walked closer to the Wolf Bane forest, he sensed a feeling of discomfort. He knew that something was hiding in the forest, something he would not enjoy looking at to begin with. But taking it in and being brave he entered forward and moved towards the forest. But perhaps fear was playing its evil stick. Maybe something bad would happen. Harold never thought this as he entered the forest.