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The Living Statue is a poem written by Krazy-Stew.


I cannot hear.

I cannot speak.

That is how I was born.

It was quite the complication. But then a man found me. He is who I call my father.

He took me in.

He gave me care.

He gave me lessons.

He taught me how to read and write. He wanted to get me a job. He wanted me to do anything with my life.

Then he got an idea.

Then he left for a day.

I didn’t know what to do.

I looked around the house for something to clue me in. I decided to pick up a book. I read for hours.

He came home.

he seemed happy.

He brought a suit.

He put the suit on me, along with a top hat. He then handed me a silver cane. He then painted my entire body silver.

It felt strange.

it felt weird.

It felt fun.

He brought me outside. He had me stand behind a silver box. He then started shouting.

I cannot hear.

I cannot speak.

That is how I was born.

People began coming towards me. They took pictures of me. They took pictures of me.

It was strange.

It was weird.

It was fun.

They started putting money in the box. They came all day long. They didn’t stay for long, though.

Then he took me home.

Then he opened the box.

Then he flipped it over.

Money started pouring out. He looked at me and smiled. He knew what I must do.

The sun then set.

The night then passed.

The sun then rose.

Every day, I would stand outside in my silver paint. Every day, people would come and take pictures. Every day, they would put money in my father’s box.

I cannot hear.

I cannot speak.

That is how I was born.

I am content with my new life. I can bring smiles to whoever I please. I am called the Living Statue.