This is a story involving The Author (Yours The Author) and The Deviant (Devi). They are two sisters living half normal, half crazy (and half potato!) lives. Though they fight a lot and have very different personalities, they can be the best sister pair there is.


Devi: Devi is an optimistic and artistic girl. She is smart and weird, and a little (well, a lot) lazy. She always comes up with crazy stories to tell and acts them out, going to extensive lengths of exaggeration and hyperbole. At her worst she can be grumpy and loud, and at her best she can be cheerful and silly.

The Author: Author is quiet and cautious. She is intelligent and serious. She, like her name suggests, is an author. Author takes her job very seriously, but deep down she can be cheerful as devi. At her worst she is snappy and angry, and at her best she can be passionate and creative.

Bob: Bob is a potato accidentally summoned by Devi. He is the character most often used for comic relief. He is somehow able to fly, but can't however speak legible words.

Redd: Redd is a mysterious and somewhat charming character, as well as the only male introduced into the series so far. He is somewhat clumsy and very secretive, although truth came out that he has an affection for the Author. 


"Honestly,  it's not like potatoes can fly-

.. i believe I have once again been proven wrong."

-author,  When Potatoes Fly

"Err, I suppopse. When was a fish stick turned global? You are certainly strange..."

-Redd, The Visitor (as Well as Some Other Stuff)


-Bob, When Potatoes Fly

"Mmhmm. I did, in fact, turn my life into a musical once. or twice.. i can't remember..."

-Devi, Other Stuff part 2