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About Sulivia, ( Formerly Sylvia )

Sulivia--the daughter of Rosette and Sully Vines--is a pony with great potential. She is well known for her great beauty and intelligence. She is the assistant of Princess Serene,


Sulivia is a lilac alicorn with a horn, a bright red mane and tail. She usually wears a cape and a bracelet. The cape however, covers her cutie mark.


While wearing her cape, Sulivia has fine manners, a friendly attitude, and is loyal.


Later on, Keen removed Sulivia's cape and revealed her cutie mark. Her cutie mark represents the evil personality within her. This is because her mother left her by the fountain.



The lover of Sulivia. They first met while they were young. They are best friends until today.

Princess Serene

She and the princess are great friends. They treat each others as sisters.


Enemies since birth. Keen is Sulivia's annoying former best friend.


Not much is known for they don't really talk to each other. However, Sulivia bears great hate.

Sully Vines

Sulivia's beloved father.


  • Sulivia and Erenor are part of a secret organization named The Dark Part of Life.
  • Sulivia's original name is Sylvia who was inspired by a Pokemon called Sylveon. :3
  • The creator, (Hayashi) has said that Sulivia can sometimes be a fangirl.