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Shadow Krazy is a character from Paxadora that constantly hunts down Krazy and his brothers. He is the Shadow Variant of Krazy-Stew.


Shadow Krazy does not have a true appearance, as he can shape-shift. However, he always changes shape to resemble Krazy-Stew's variant from the universe he is in. For example, depicted in the infobox is Shadow Krazy's most common appearance, copying the appearance of Krazy. However, if he travels to, for instance, the Kirby universe, he will shape shift to resemble the Krazy that lives in the Kirby universe.


Shadow Krazy is unique from other Shadow Variants in that he seems to have split personality. He tries his hardest to kill off the Krazys when he is able to, but when he is not around the Krazys, he has a heart. In fact, he acts somewhat like a Krazy himself when not around his siblings. He is also friendly, although more often than not he ends up in the wrong crowds.


Whenever a Paxadoran is born human, they contract an illness known as Paxiosin at a certain age. Paxiosin is lethal if not taken care of, and can only be cured by the Paxadoran splitting into variants. However, when variants are made from human-born or full-blooded Paxadorans, some excess matter is released in the form of a gooey, black substance called "Shadow Glop". This Shadow Glop, once enough is created, can form an entirely new variant - the Shadow Variant, which wants nothing more than to kill off the Paxadoran who created it. Shadow Krazy is the first of this new subspecies of Variant.


  • Shadow Krazy is the first Shadow Variant.
  • As Shadow Krazy is made of excess matter of each of Krazy-Stew's variants, killing Shadow Krazy will also kill all the Krazys in existence simultaneously, which would also result in Krazy-Stew's death.
  • Shadow Krazy was originally named "Shadow Stew". This version of him was a monochrome version of Krazy (who was, at the time, named "Stew") that was more of an anti-hero than a villain. However, this was changed, and the anti-hero role was later given to Genevor.