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Paxadora is a planet in which Paxadorans reside. It is the home of Krazy-Stew and his many characters, including Krazy, Widy, Lovips, and more.


Not much about Paxadora's geography has been revealed, but it is known that the natural structures and formations bear a resemblance to Earth's.


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The residents of Paxadora are the Paxadorans, a humanoid species that relies on "splitting" themselves into variants in order to ensure survival. These variants come in all shapes and sizes, but they all love Paxadora as their home.




  • The Spanish term for Paxadora is "Puerta de Paz", which translates to "Gate of Peace".
  • Although the idea of Paxadora is original to Krazy-Stew, the original story of the Paxadora portrayed it much differently than they are now, mainly due to the original story having a different author than Krazy-Stew himself. Many changes were made from the original story to the current Paxadora.
    • For instance, Paxadora was originally an eighth continent of Earth governed solely by Krazy-Stew, as opposed to the planet that it is today.