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Melodie is a young girl who is skilled with all sorts of instruments and likes to write her own songs. She is extremely good at funny poems and writes a few stories now and then. She is also the Princess of the Music Kingdom.


Once the Queen of the Music Kingdom had a child named Kakophany. Kakophany, despite being the heir to the kingdom, had no interest in singing. In fact, she hated it. Once when Kakophany was walking through the forest, she noticed a small cottage between the trees. She heard beautiful music being played in the cottage and became curious. She went into the cottage and saw a young girl playing a violin. Realizing that the girl would be a better heir than her, she gave Melodie the crown and ran off to the Adventure Kingdom. Melodie was accepted by the queen and became the new Princess of the Music Kingdom.


Melodie wrote many songs. They are listed here:

🎵 The Song of Snow
🎵 The Song of Hugs
🎵 The Kingdom of Fun (Song)