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"Uh, about that Animatronic in the east hall near the wall, well just don't show up for the last night."


Martin is a fan animatronic designed for the final night for people who have found the game to easy to win.

Mode of Play

For nearly the entire game Martin sits in the east hall in a crouched postion. On the final night after all the animatronics have been scrapped he is the last one left

Then he awakes. Beginning by sabotaging the generator he causes the lights to flicker and the doors to stop operating from time to time. He smashes camera's until none are left and tosses them through your open door, When you shut your doors he prys them open and when you hear freddy's march and you think its game over nothing happens afterward. Lights drift back on, and then your head is turned with a snap and to face Martin who has just broken your neck. And then the screen fades away into black.