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I love roses. They're majestic but dangerous! I want to be one!
~ Young Maria Elise


She is very short girl whose height is 5'9. She has black long hair and a red mask that covers her mouth. She also sports a pair of red boots and a dress that looked as if was torn as well as a bonnet she secretly keeps.


Rosa is quick-tempered, impatient, likes to humiliate people (except herself and her allies), often dislikes people when they make fun of her, and is also claustrophobic.


Maria's parents neglected her and so she ran away from home. There she met Annie, who goes by her disguise name "Eliza", and they became the best of friends. One day, the two became hungry so Maria suggested to steal bread from the bakery. After doing so, they continued to steal until they got used to it. They became very sneaky and always hid themselves in the shadows. After committing so much crimes, Maria decided to change her name to "Rosa" in order to hide her identity. She always wanted the name Rosa and so she eventually got it.