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Malachite.png ...wHO am I? mY NAme iS MALachITe!
~ Malachite

Malachite is a Paxadoran variant of Krazy-Stew, and the older brother of Krazy. He is infected with a disorder known as Chrysoprase.


As Malachite is in a high position in Paxadora, he is usually dressed like a prince, wearing purple robes with gold trim and a crown. He has somewhat dark skin with dark-green eyes, and reddish-brown hair that, in some places on his head, is sulphur yellow.


Malachite usually lives a double-life, and therefore has different personalities based on where he's at. Most of the time, he is gentle, kind and willing to help others. However, as a Paxadoran authority, he is very serious about his job and will stop at nothing to complete it. In both cases, though, Malachite is loyal to those who he knows and calls his friends.


Malachite was born with a one-of-a-kind, non-infectious disorder known only as Chrysoprase. This grants him the ability to have and use supernatural powers, but his voice often "glitches out", which is similar to a voice crack, but instead of being a higher-pitched syllable, Malachite says the syllable in a heavily distorted manner. This disorder has brought him in the Wanted lists of police everywhere (mainly to prevent hysteria), and Malachite constantly has to live in hiding outside of Paxadora.


  • Malachite is the first (and so far, only) canon Paxadora character not to be originally created by Krazy-Stew.