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Or were you looking for Loka, Loko's stage partner?
Loko.jpg ¡Hola, mis amigos! Me llamo Loko.
~ Loko

Loko is an animatronic performer from Spain. He is Loka's partner, and has gone missing since the last time he performed.


Although Loko bears an unintentionally strong resemblance to Toy Krazy, there are a few differences, such as Loko's much more casual hairdo and a more "stage-ready" attire, as opposed to Toy Krazy's T-shirt. He and Loka also bear a strong resemblance to each other - however, this resemblance was intentional.


Loko is an animatronic that cares for his friends, and is not afraid to fight if it means they are safe. He is in a relationship with Loka, and will do anything to protect her, even if it means putting his own life on the line.


Loko used to be a performer with Loka at their own attraction in Spain, from the company "Loko y Loka's". Eventually, the company that made them raised enough money to go on a world tour - however, this turned out to be their ultimate undoing. At the last stop of the World Tour, in the USA, a murderer managed to kill a customer, resulting in the attraction being forced to prematurely close. While Loko and Loka agreed that night to escape to avoid being scrapped, only Loka made it out, while Loko himself was found trying to leave and locked into storage. Loko was sold off to another company (who, at this time, wishes to remain anonymous), and Loka was presumed missing. At this point, no one knows what happened to Loko. Below is a quote from the CEO of the Loko y Loka's company regarding the loss of their two animatronics, at the time of the selling of Loko, translated from Spanish to English:

It broke our hearts when we found out Loka was gone, and now that Loko has to leave, too... it's almost unbearable. We can only hope that (the company that bought Loko) will take care of him, and eventually allow him to perform another day.
~ CEO, Loko y Loka's Company


  • Loko is one of three Paxadora characters that originated from Spain, the others being Loka and Krazy.
  • Loko is also the first Paxadora character to be the main mascot of his own entertainment company.
  • Loko is tied with Loka for being the second oldest Paxadora character, the oldest being Widy.