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Loka.jpg ¿Loko? ¿Dondé estas?
~ Loka
Were you looking for Loko, Loka's stage partner?

Loka is an animatronic that is from Spain. She was an entertainer alongside Loko in Spain before being retired.


Loka was built to be similar to her stage partner, Loko, but she also coincidentally bears a resemblance to Toy Krazy. She wears a small top hat and a red bow tie, and usually carries a camera with her. She wears dark yellow clothes that differ depending on where she currently is. She and Loko also bear a resemblance to each other - however, this was intentional.


Loka is a caring animatronic that always helps others before herself. She is in a relationship with her partner Loko, and will do anything to protect him, even if it means putting her own life at the line.


Loka used to be a performer with Loko at their own attraction in Spain, from the company "Loko y Loka's". Eventually, the company that made them raised enough money to go on a world tour - however, this turned out to be their ultimate undoing. At the last stop of the World Tour, in the USA, a murderer managed to kill a customer, resulting in the attraction being forced to prematurely close. While Loko and Loka agreed that night to escape to avoid being scrapped, only Loka made it out, while Loko himself was found trying to leave and locked into storage.

The following is a short summary. See the full version of what happens after Loka's escape in Loka's Story.

After realizing he was not with her, Loka had thought that Loko had escaped as well, and ran elsewhere. Therefore, she began searching for him, only not looking in the building she once performed at, which is where he was locked in storage. Months later, she had found a forest that Loko himself had warned her not to enter - however, she was desperate to find Loko, and ran in anyways. After her search had failed, she had returned to the Loko y Loka's World Tour building, where she is rumored to still live to this day.


  • Loka is one of three Paxadora characters to originate from Spain, the others being Loko and Krazy.
  • Loka is tied with Loko for being the second oldest Paxadora character, the oldest being Widy.
  • Originally, Loka was supposed to have forgotten about Loko after she escaped the building. However, this is not the case in the final backstory.