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Everything will be alright!
~ Lilac Petal

Lilac Petal

Lilac Petal loves to play with children and toys. She easily makes truce with enemies because she is naive. She won't fight back until her fighting mode is turned on.She is usually found in the kitchen trying to cook food for her friends and ends up getting dirty and a trip to the bathroom

Appearance and personality

APPEARANCE: Lilac wears a worn-out blanket, a plastic spike collar, Gazzele horns, a tail armor and a wrist band. PERSONALITY: Lilac is a really kind and naive person, Who can be friends with enemies. She can be annoying. as always. She has a childish voice.  Lilac's happy mode: Lilac's happy mode is very active. And she has a childish voice too. Lilac's angry mode: Lilac's angry mode is very... inactive. And she also has a serious voice.