Kingdom of Fun Wiki
[01:06] <TheAnonymousA> Hi!
[01:06] <TheAnonymousA> Get
[01:06] <AWikiBoy521> <Missing_AWikiBoy521_Welcome_Message>
[01:07] <TheAnonymousA> Test
[01:07] <AWikiBoy521> <Missing_AWikiBoy521_Message>
[01:07] <TheAnonymousA> It works!
[01:07] <AWikiBoy521> <Missing_AWikiBoy521_Test>
[01:10] <TheAnonymousA> <span class="me-username">* <span>TheAnonymousA</span></span> ikknserts all AWikiBoy521 files in the comp
[01:10] <TheAnonymousA> *computer
[01:11] <AWikiBoy521> WUT DA BLING?
[01:13] <AWikiBoy521> That was the first ping I ever received.
[01:13] <AWikiBoy521> In this Kingdom.
[01:13] <TheAnonymousA> Congratulations! (silly) 
[01:15] <AWikiBoy521> Although, Pink <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">stole</span> got the inspiration of my "chat ping fix" from another wiki.
[01:15] <TheAnonymousA> Ping fix?
[01:48] <AWikiBoy521> Tesback
[01:51] <AWikiBoy521> Yeah, that ping fix.
[01:55] <TheAnonymousA> Feedback?
[01:55] <TheAnonymousA> *tesback
[01:56] <AWikiBoy521> Testback.
[01:56] <TheAnonymousA> Oh.