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[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> 11/27, The Dawn of This Kingdom
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> 
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> In the past of this Kingdom,
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> There is not much transition
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> Between 'day and night'
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> Within the 'stories' it had
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> 
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> While such transition is not necessary here
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> It is necessary in the 'real world'
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> To determine what is the "time"
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> Especially before a watch is invented
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> 
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> For that one, it is the 'Light'
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> The reason why "dawn" exist
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> For it is the 'combination of dark and light'
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> And the reason why sadness "turns to happiness"
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> 
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> So much "light" this kingdom had
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> But, those aren't enough
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> Due to how less its opposite had
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> And the fact most "light" just emit a few of it
[04:28] <AWikiBoy521> 
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> People usually show their light side
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> Especially in front of the public
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> But, not much to the dark side
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> Unless such closeness makes them to show it
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> 
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> For some reason, it's quicker to notice light than darkness
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> Due to such perceive being easier than the other
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> After all, sound is slower than light
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> Hence, the "music source" of how light sounds like
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> 
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> For something that is commonly seen in the Kingdom,
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> Light comes with darkness
[04:29] <AWikiBoy521> So that the universe goes around