Kingdom of Fun Wiki
[07:34] <Pinkgirl234> test
[07:35] <Pinkgirl234> Test
[07:35] <ToonLink12> test
[07:35] <Pinkgirl234> Hi Toon! o/
[07:36] <ToonLink12> Hai
[07:36] <ToonLink12> (calneca) 
[07:36] <ToonLink12> you can call me edd in this wiki :P 
[07:36] <Pinkgirl234> Why did you want me to delete those three pages?
[07:36] <ToonLink12> because
[07:36] <ToonLink12> i dont need those pages anymore
[07:36] <Pinkgirl234> You could have just moved them to new page titles
[07:37] <ToonLink12> i have the ability to rename? o3o
[07:37] <Pinkgirl234> Everyone does
[07:37] <Pinkgirl234> Redirect
[07:37] <ToonLink12> oh
[07:38] <ToonLink12> well , i dont feel like creating about toonlink's world anymore.
[07:38] <Pinkgirl234> Alright
[07:39] <ToonLink12> thanks
[07:39] <ToonLink12> i like your avatar
[07:40] <Pinkgirl234> I drew it
[07:40] <ToonLink12> wait WOW!
[07:40] <ToonLink12> i was trying to decode what is fun mansion in tagalog :3
[07:41] <ToonLink12> google translate dont have it
[07:41] <Pinkgirl234> Mansyon ng Kasiyahan
[07:42] <ToonLink12> oh
[07:42] <ToonLink12> Lel
[07:42] <Pinkgirl234> Google Translate doesn't always give accurate answers
[07:42] <ToonLink12> ok
[07:42] <ToonLink12> heres some tricky question for you
[07:42] <ToonLink12> what is the spanish word "Piscina" in English?
[07:43] <ToonLink12> well , more clearer
[07:43] <Pinkgirl234> <span class="me-username">* <span>Pinkgirl234</span></span> merely shrugs
[07:44] <ToonLink12> XD
[07:44] <ToonLink12> google translate is the key
[07:44] <Pinkgirl234> Oh
[07:45] <ToonLink12> hai amber!
[07:45] <ToonLink12> you got your own account? o3o
[07:45] <KewlPie22> Yesh Edd
[07:45] <ToonLink12> cool :3
[07:45] <ToonLink12> i guess pink your busy shrugging on google translate xD
[07:46] <Pinkgirl234> Lelz O wasn't
[07:46] <Pinkgirl234> Wait KewlPie is Amber?
[07:46] <ToonLink12> yesh , let her introduce herself.
[07:46] <Pinkgirl234> SUre ^^
[07:46] <KewlPie22> Hai my name is amber and I like waffles
[07:46] <Pinkgirl234> I like waffles too (caramelldansen) 
[07:47] <KewlPie22> iiii...... am the girlfriend of----
[07:47] <KewlPie22> Fra... *shrugs*
[07:47] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> clears his throat
[07:47] <Pinkgirl234> Frank? ;) 
[07:47] <ToonLink12> Yesh
[07:48] <ToonLink12> i know amby :3
[07:48] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> does caramelldansen
[07:49] <ToonLink12> yey
[07:49] <ToonLink12> penky pai?
[07:49] <Pinkgirl234> Oh hi Pepsi
[07:49] <Pepsicola45> Hello.
[07:49] <Pinkgirl234> She's another Filipino btw
[07:49] <ToonLink12> Helo
[07:49] <ToonLink12> Kewl is another filipino tho
[07:49] <Pepsicola45> I've been watching this wiki for a bit, and I might as well sit back and actually enter chat.
[07:50] <ToonLink12> We are all filipinos? o3o
[07:50] <Pinkgirl234> Yes o3o
[07:50] <Pepsicola45> Heh heh...
[07:50] <KewlPie22> Lel
[07:50] <Pinkgirl234> All hail Pinoys! (leekspin) 
[07:50] <KewlPie22> ive been missing my bf today T_T
[07:51] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> continues dancing caramelldansen
[07:51] <Pepsicola45> WOOOO!!!
[07:51] <Pinkgirl234> @Kewl Something bad happened to him]
[07:52] <Pepsicola45> What happened, KewlPie?
[07:52] <KewlPie22> OH FUDGE
[07:52] <KewlPie22> I found a text saying...
[07:52] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> keeps her mouth shut
[07:53] <Pepsicola45> Okay...
[07:53] <Pinkgirl234> Things are strange lately
[07:53] <Pinkgirl234> I went to the computer shop for two reasons
[07:53] <KewlPie22> Frank has been in the hospital for actually already 3 days pink :3
[07:53] <Pinkgirl234> One: I have to show signs of my activity around wikis
[07:54] <Pinkgirl234> Two: I had to escape from a heated argument
[07:54] <ToonLink12> too bad
[07:54] <ToonLink12> Kewl , PM
[07:54] <Pepsicola45> Well, I hope Frank will be able to recover...
[07:54] <ToonLink12> noh , so sad 
[07:55] <Pepsicola45> And Pink, I hope the argument will be able to get resolved.
[07:55] <ToonLink12> some unknown person said he has only a short period of time left to live
[07:55] <ToonLink12> The fudge?
[07:55] <Pinkgirl234> @Pepsi It was between my Mom and her mother.
[07:55] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> slaps Toon for doing Caramelldansen
[07:56] <Pepsicola45> Okay.
[07:56] <KewlPie22> yuck boys doing caramella girls
[07:56] <ToonLink12> im crying irl
[07:56] <Pepsicola45> Well, bonds will eventually have to break...
[07:57] <KewlPie22> Toon me too
[07:57] <Pinkgirl234> @Pepsi A lot has been happening and I do NOT want to inherit heated arguments from them
[07:57] <Pinkgirl234> I mean it's like a curse
[07:57] <ToonLink12> oh my god... 
[07:58] <ToonLink12> im so sad
[07:58] <Pepsicola45> Well, that's too bad, Pink, good luck with that, and I hope things will get better eventually.
[07:58] <Pinkgirl234> Thanks
[07:59] <Pepsicola45> You're welcome.
[07:59] <Pinkgirl234> <span class="me-username">* <span>Pinkgirl234</span></span> gives Pepsi some (pizza7) 
[07:59] <Pepsicola45> Thanks.
[07:59] <ToonLink12> so sad Kewl
[07:59] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> comforts toonlink.
[07:59] <KewlPie22> its okay..
[07:59] <Pepsicola45> I hope everything will get better quickly...
[08:00] <Pepsicola45> We all eventually have to lose someone.
[08:00] <KewlPie22> ^
[08:00] <Pinkgirl234> We always do
[08:00] <KewlPie22> "We all eventually have to lose someone." toon remember it.
[08:00] <Pinkgirl234> Things change over time
[08:00] <KewlPie22> its okay toon.
[08:00] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> pats toon
[08:01] <Pinkgirl234> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">Nobody can see the text behind this strikethough (ghost) </span>
[08:01] <KewlPie22> R.I.P Frank :( 
[08:01] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> gets some tissue
[08:01] <Pepsicola45> Here, I'll give my condolences. May he rest in peace.
[08:02] <ToonLink12> though
[08:02] <ToonLink12> "Nobody can see the text behind this strikethough"
[08:02] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> makes toon link and friends database
[08:03] <Pinkgirl234> Let's catch a (bird) 
[08:05] <ToonLink12> BIRD
[08:05] <ToonLink12> yey correct guess
[08:05] <Pinkgirl234> <span class="me-username">* <span>Pinkgirl234</span></span> shoots a bird with a (bowandarrow) 
[08:05] <Pepsicola45> *critical hit*
[08:05] <Pepsicola45> T~T
[08:06] <ToonLink12> Aw
[08:06] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> cries because he loves birds
[08:06] <KewlPie22> im a brony
[08:06] <Pinkgirl234> (pinkiepie) I am a Pegasister!
[08:07] <Pepsicola45> I used to watch G4 MLP
[08:07] <Pepsicola45> Heck, I still have some medium sized ponies and Happy Meal toys.
[08:07] <Pinkgirl234> @Pepsi Me too :3
[08:08] <Pepsicola45> Unfortunately grandma had to be a critic
[08:08] <ToonLink12> [[ToonLinks Friends Database]] anyone wanna be added?
[08:08] <Pinkgirl234> Me me me!
[08:08] <Pinkgirl234> (ME!ME!ME! reference?)
[08:08] <ToonLink12> Aieee the song
[08:08] <Pepsicola45> I've only met you for a day.
[08:08] <Pepsicola45> So, I don't really know.
[08:08] <ToonLink12> i like my chat mod icon jeez
[08:09] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> loves to say jeez
[08:09] <KewlPie22> Jeeezz
[08:09] <Pinkgirl234> Jazz babeh!
[08:09] <Pinkgirl234> I watched Transformers 2 last night
[08:09] <ToonLink12> "Pinkgirl234 - Calne Ca and one of the coolest bronies. jeez."
[08:10] <ToonLink12> what all the users in my database likes waffles
[08:10] <Pepsicola45> I've actually wanted to start contributing on this wiki instead of making a lot of misc wikis.
[08:11] <Pepsicola45> But meh.
[08:11] <Pinkgirl234> Misc wikis?
[08:11] <KewlPie22> I have to found my second bf :3
[08:11] <Pepsicola45> Miscellaneous wikis.
[08:11] <Pepsicola45> That will eventually be forgotten
[08:11] <Pepsicola45> About other stuff
[08:11] <ToonLink12> ME!ME!ME!
[08:12] <KewlPie22> okay Toon.
[08:12] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> burst into tears
[08:12] <ToonLink12> seriously?
[08:12] <Pinkgirl234> Oh
[08:13] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> hugs toon
[08:13] <ToonLink12> <3 
[08:14] <ToonLink12> ded
[08:14] <Pepsicola45> Eh, I'll try to start contributing here today.
[08:14] <Pepsicola45> And nope, coconut dead.
[08:14] <ToonLink12> why not coconut
[08:14] <Pepsicola45> Because people are talking.
[08:15] <ToonLink12> i have the condition where you can feel 1.0 earthquakes
[08:15] <Pepsicola45> ...Unless anyone's a zombie.
[08:15] <Pepsicola45> And how does it feel like?
[08:15] <Pinkgirl234> Coconut...
[08:15] <Pinkgirl234> Yum yum
[08:15] <ToonLink12> sick people are sensitive to earthquakes
[08:15] <ToonLink12> they can feel intensity 1 and 2 quakes.
[08:16] <KewlPie22> poor toon
[08:16] <ToonLink12> im sick tho
[08:16] <Pinkgirl234> Me too
[08:17] <ToonLink12> wait , 
[08:17] <Pinkgirl234> But only not as so sick since yesterday
[08:17] <ToonLink12> Sick people can feel intensity 1 and 2 quakes! o3o
[08:17] <ToonLink12>
[08:18] <Pepsicola45> Well, that's something I just learned.
[08:18] <ToonLink12> well ,
[08:18] <ToonLink12> im feeling a intensity 2 quake
[08:19] <ToonLink12> on intensity 2 , its Felt only by a few persons at rest, especially on upper floors of buildings.
[08:19] <Pinkgirl234> I fee no eq intesity
[08:19] <ToonLink12> intensity 3 is already frightening'
[08:20] <Pinkgirl234> One of my pages guys: [[Elementia]]
[08:20] <ToonLink12> Standing motor cars may move slightly during a intensity 3 eq
[08:20] <Pepsicola45> Okay.
[08:21] <ToonLink12> i have experienced many quakes 
[08:22] <KewlPie22> toon is a survivor of the 1990 Earthquake in luzon
[08:23] <ToonLink12> ^
[08:23] <Pepsicola45> How did it feel?
[08:23] <Pepsicola45> And how horrible was the experience?
[08:23] <ToonLink12> The quake measure 7.4
[08:24] <ToonLink12> well actually
[08:24] <ToonLink12> 7.7
[08:24] <ToonLink12> strong like the nepal quake
[08:25] <Pinkgirl234> Nepal quake was literally very strong
[08:25] <Pepsicola45> I haven't felt any quakes yet...
[08:25] <ToonLink12> Nepal measured 7.7 or possibly 7.9
[08:25] <ToonLink12> I have felt a 8.8 one during my trip in chile
[08:27] <ToonLink12> and a unknown 9.0 quake somewhere in asia
[08:27] <ToonLink12> possibly Japan or Taiwan
[08:27] <Pepsicola45> Good thing that you're still alive today.
[08:29] <Pinkgirl234> Phew
[08:29] <ToonLink12> well , incase anyone knows , was the 9.0 quake Taiwan or somewhere else?
[08:29] <ToonLink12> what all i know also that it caused a tsunami
[08:30] <KewlPie22> idk
[08:30] <KewlPie22> I think Japan 
[08:30] <KewlPie22> not sure
[08:30] <ToonLink12> And..... ded
[08:31] <Pepsicola45> What year was that quake?
[08:31] <ToonLink12> 2011
[08:31] <Pinkgirl234> <span style="font-size:7pt;">Can you read this?</span>
[08:31] <ToonLink12> yes
[08:31] <ToonLink12> March 11 2011 exactly
[08:32] <KewlPie22> Im not sure if its Japan
[08:32] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> shrugs
[08:32] <Pepsicola45>
[08:33] <ToonLink12> Oh
[08:33] <KewlPie22> YAY IM CORRECT
[08:33] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> rewards self free Piatos
[08:33] <KewlPie22> does victory dance
[08:34] <Pinkgirl234> Chat logged
[08:35] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> claps to self
[08:44] <Hayashi-chan> Me too, ^-^
[08:44] <Hayashi-chan> But I'm a female,
[08:44] <Pinkgirl234> Noice
[08:44] <Pinkgirl234> Kewl is also a girl :3
[08:44] <Pepsicola45> And I have to do Instagram stuff, because of the freaking phones being added to the schools curriculum!
[08:44] <KewlPie22> im a girl
[08:34] <ToonLink12> JAPAN?
[08:34] <ToonLink12> my childhood hometown :( 
[08:34] <Pinkgirl234> Chat logged
[08:35] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> claps to self
[08:35] <ToonLink12> A freaking 9.0 quake ruined my hometown
[08:35] <ToonLink12> *childhood hometown
[08:36] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> pen taps
[08:36] <Pinkgirl234> Rain outside again
[08:36] <ToonLink12> me too
[08:37] <ToonLink12> omg the wind
[08:37] <ToonLink12> a piece of plastic roof was poking around
[08:37] <ToonLink12> *outside
[08:38] <ToonLink12> [[User:Edd The ONAC Developer]] rest in peace my old account
[08:38] <KewlPie22> ulol
[08:40] <ToonLink12> Ded
[08:40] <KewlPie22> surprise toon
[08:40] <KewlPie22> the frank is ded message earlier was just a "Scare"
[08:41] <ToonLink12> wat
[08:41] <ToonLink12> NUUUU
[08:41] <Pinkgirl234> Huh?
[08:41] <ToonLink12> Dont break up with meh kewl
[08:41] <ToonLink12> <span class="me-username">* <span>ToonLink12</span></span> cri cri
[08:41] <Pinkgirl234> Wait is Frank then dead? o.O
[08:41] <Pinkgirl234> Oh
[08:42] <ToonLink12> a anonymous user texted kewl about that
[08:42] <Hayashi-chan> Eyu! ^-^
[08:42] <Pinkgirl234> Hi Hayashi! o/
[08:42] <Pepsicola45> Hello
[08:42] <KewlPie22> gtg
[08:43] <KewlPie22> nope
[08:43] <Pinkgirl234> A Japa-Filipina this time :3
[08:43] <ToonLink12> but..
[08:43] <ToonLink12> im a Japa-Filipino then :#
[08:43] <ToonLink12> gtg
[08:43] <KewlPie22> real
[08:43] <Pepsicola45> The anon who sent that message deserves to get the life source drained.
[08:43] <Pepsicola45> And, hello.
[08:43] <Pepsicola45> Sorry, I was sent in the room and I have to do homework.
[08:43] <KewlPie22> Toon is a Japa-Filipino
[08:44] <Hayashi-chan> Me too, ^-^
[08:44] <Hayashi-chan> But I'm a female,
[08:44] <Pinkgirl234> Noice
[08:44] <Pinkgirl234> Kewl is also a girl :3
[08:44] <Pepsicola45> And I have to do Instagram stuff, because of the freaking phones being added to the schools curriculum!
[08:44] <KewlPie22> im a girl
[08:45] <KewlPie22> Hiiiii
[08:45] <KewlPie22> Bugs
[08:45] <FrankTheDetective> - frankbot has entered chat -
[08:45] <Pepsicola45> Hello.
[08:45] <KewlPie22> Robot alert
[08:45] <Hayashi-chan> Hai,
[08:45] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> runs like a tsunami is coming
[08:45] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> is certified Pabebe
[08:46] <Pinkgirl234> Frank is now healed!
[08:46] <Hayashi-chan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Hayashi-chan</span></span> offers Kewl a salad
[08:46] <KewlPie22> Kami ang pabebe girls
[08:46] <KewlPie22> at walang makaka pigil samin
[08:46] <Pinkgirl234> Hayashi here (salad2) 
[08:46] <Hayashi-chan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Hayashi-chan</span></span> offers Kewl a salad
[08:47] <FrankTheDetective> <span class="me-username">* <span>FrankTheDetective</span></span> throws Kewl to caramelldansen
[08:47] <Pinkgirl234> Dang these ads in YT
[08:47] <Hayashi-chan> xD
[08:47] <Hayashi-chan> Ik how you feel 
[08:47] <FrankTheDetective> wait..
[08:47] <FrankTheDetective> Guess whos back? (Salad) 
[08:47] <Pinkgirl234> You!
[08:47] <FrankTheDetective> dammit 
[08:47] <FrankTheDetective> Shorts
[08:48] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> throws free shorts
[08:48] <Pinkgirl234> *clears throat*
[08:48] <Pinkgirl234> Forbidden word
[08:48] <KewlPie22>
[08:48] <Pinkgirl234> Please don't say that forbidden word though...
[08:48] <KewlPie22> is there another way to activate the short emote other than forbidden words?
[08:49] <FrankTheDetective> okay then :( 
[08:49] <Hayashi-chan> OMG, Carrot.. 
[08:49] <KewlPie22> SALAD CARROTS?
[08:49] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> explodes
[08:49] <Pinkgirl234> @Kewl I could do so but all MediaWiki pages are uneditable
[08:50] <KewlPie22> were 4 back then
[08:50] <Pinkgirl234> Like UNeditable from Wikia
[08:50] <Hayashi-chan> Yus, 
[08:50] <Pinkgirl234> <span class="me-username">* <span>Pinkgirl234</span></span> facepalms
[08:50] <FrankTheDetective> -FrankBot quietly enters chat
[08:51] <KewlPie22> Edi Wow
[08:51] <Hayashi-chan> WB FrankBot! ^-^
[08:51] <Pepsicola45> And... I made my first Instagram post
[08:51] <Hayashi-chan> Pink, Can you teach me how to edit the message-wall?
[08:51] <KewlPie22> me
[08:51] <FrankTheDetective> Me please hayashi
[08:51] <Pepsicola45> Hello.
[08:51] <Pinkgirl234> @Hayashi [[Message Wall Greeting:Hayashi-chan]]
[08:51] <KewlPie22> ME
[08:52] <FrankTheDetective> :( 
[08:52] <FrankTheDetective> <span class="me-username">* <span>FrankTheDetective</span></span> cri cri
[08:52] <Pepsicola45> Ah, I was going to answer that question.
[08:52] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> rekts Frank and wins
[08:52] <KewlPie22> I like ponies
[08:53] <KewlPie22> and hello kitty
[08:53] <FrankTheDetective> pink pm
[08:54] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> dances
[08:55] <Hayashi-chan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Hayashi-chan</span></span> rekts Kewl
[08:55] <Hayashi-chan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Hayashi-chan</span></span> victory dances
[08:55] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> activates hello kitty
[08:55] <KewlPie22> Im a girl yknow
[08:55] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> rekts hayashi
[08:55] <Hayashi-chan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Hayashi-chan</span></span> activates Princess Luna
[08:56] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> summons evil barbie
[08:56] <Hayashi-chan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Hayashi-chan</span></span> rekts rekts Kewl, 
[08:56] <Pinkgirl234> <span class="me-username">* <span>Pinkgirl234</span></span> rekts everyone
[08:56] <KewlPie22> <span class="me-username">* <span>KewlPie22</span></span> rekts rekts rekts Hayahi
[08:56] <Pinkgirl234> is win
[08:56] <Hayashi-chan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Hayashi-chan</span></span> has lost