Kingdom of Fun Wiki
[04:43] <Pinkgirl234> Test
[04:44] <Pinkgirl234> Okay
[04:45] <Pinkgirl234> Chat silent
[04:47] <Pinkgirl234> Welp
[04:52] <Pinkgirl234> AFK off
[04:43] <Pinkgirl234> Test
[04:44] <Pinkgirl234> Okay
[04:45] <Pinkgirl234> Chat silent
[04:47] <Pinkgirl234> Welp
[04:52] <Pinkgirl234> AFK off
[05:03] <DB511611> Hello
[05:03] <DB511611> :3
[05:03] <Pinkgirl234> Hello! :33
[05:03] <Pinkgirl234> <span class="me-username">* <span>Pinkgirl234</span></span> glomps him
[05:04] <DB511611> >is glomped by Pink
[05:04] <DB511611> >Pink leaves
[05:04] <Pinkgirl234> I am back here :3
[05:04] <DB511611> yey :3
[05:05] <DB511611> haven't been here in a while
[05:05] <Pinkgirl234> (leekspin) Woohoo!
[05:05] <Pinkgirl234> Yea...I have internet limitations and have been at school
[05:05] <Pinkgirl234> Do you notice our avatars glowing?
[05:06] <DB511611> yea it's cool!
[05:06] <Pinkgirl234> :D 
[05:07] <Pinkgirl234> Do you see the submit button?
[05:14] <Pinkgirl234> AFKness in the air
[05:14] <DB511611> sorry am busy
[05:14] <DB511611> but yea
[05:14] <DB511611> what's it do?
[05:15] <Pinkgirl234> I was asking earlier if you see the see the submit button in your chat?
[05:16] <DB511611> I see it
[05:16] <DB511611> what's it doo?
[05:16] <Pinkgirl234> It logs chat
[05:17] <Pinkgirl234> Look [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
[05:18] <Pinkgirl234> Every press of that button submits the recent conversations that are present in main chat
[05:20] <DB511611> oh cool
[05:20] <DB511611> I gtg
[05:20] <DB511611> bye Piiink ;-;
[05:20] <Freeman23> boo
[05:21] <Freeman23> Hey pink
[05:21] <Pinkgirl234> Hi Freeman23
[05:21] <Freeman23> Hows life?
[05:22] <Pinkgirl234> Life is fine
[05:22] <Freeman23> Thats fine to hear. 
[05:22] <Freeman23> Hows the wiki been?
[05:22] <Pinkgirl234> Also did you notice any difference here?
[05:22] <Pinkgirl234> The wiki has been fine and safe
[05:23] <Freeman23> I did the diamond orange thing that blocks some of my view from time to time. 
[05:23] <Pinkgirl234> Yeah. It;s a flag
[05:23] <Pinkgirl234> Also a user has been promoted
[05:23] <Freeman23> Oh cool whom?
[05:24] <Pinkgirl234> You :3
[05:24] <Freeman23> Me ?
[05:24] <Pinkgirl234> Yes
[05:24] <Pinkgirl234> Go check your wall or userpage what rank you attained
[05:24] <Freeman23> Whats a reverser?
[05:24] <Pinkgirl234> A rollback
[05:25] <Pinkgirl234> It's the term for rollbacks
[05:25] <Freeman23> Ah, okay, Yay I am promoted. 
[05:25] <Pinkgirl234> You desereved it :3
[05:25] <Freeman23> Well thanks, and I owe much of it to you after all you invited me to this wiki. 
[05:26] <Pinkgirl234> Your welcome. :) 
[05:26] <Pinkgirl234> Every seen the gameplays of FNaF 4 lately?
[05:26] <Freeman23> Yes I have and I have to say it creeps me out, I i had nightmares like this as a kid
[05:27] <Pinkgirl234> I have to agree. It was certainly nightmare fuel
[05:28] <Pinkgirl234> I was watching Markiplier a while ago. And I saw how creepy Nightmare Golden Fredbear (or whatevs they call him) is
[05:28] <Pinkgirl234> He gave Markiplier a rather hard time
[05:29] <Pinkgirl234> Apparently, if you have not known yet, the founder of the FNaF Wiki is back and and admin who had to quit for a while was back again
[05:31] <Pinkgirl234> @Freeman23
[05:33] <Pinkgirl234> Test