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Welcome to the Kingdom of Fun Wiki! We are hoping that you are having a great time as you explore this wiki. Are you new? Check out anything in this wiki that perhaps captures your interest and attention.

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This wiki's purpose is for everyone to have fun. You can share stories, discover your knowledge, tell what you love, express your happiness and even more! But don't forget that the rules and regulations have been set up in this wiki for everyone to follow in order to avoid getting involved in conflicts and issues that may occur. We want to ensure the harmony and good state of the wiki.

This wiki also wishes to maintain a pleasant and a harmonious atmosphere. It is also a place to interact with other people and to make friends. We also have our appointed faithful staff members who are willing to help you if you have questions or need anything. But most of all, we would like you to have fun and enjoy!

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Guide To The Kingdom
  • The wiki's appearance has changed into its Valentine's Day theme.
  • A new poll has been made in the Main Page.
  • The twelfth Question of the Month thread has been created.
  • This wiki is still looking for more local staff members to be promoted.


Article of the Month

Article of the Month is currently cancelled.
Question of the Month

Our current Question of the Month for the month is:

How did Valentine's Day go for you?

If you are very interested to answer this question, please visit this thread to place your answers. You are also free to participate in the discussing of the thread.

Kingdom Poll
Do you find this pun PUNny?

The poll was created at 23:54 on April 2, 2018, and so far 5 people voted.

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Fun Mansion
This Fun Mansion is for socializing with other users. Make sure you follow the rules and regulations of chat while you are here.
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