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...You promise you won't hurt me?
~ Kevin

Kevin is a child who died at the hands of a murderer. He was stuffed into Krazy, and therefore travels with him.


Kevin as a ghost resembles his form when he was alive - a child with brown hair and eyes, and wearing a black T-Shirt and jean shorts. He often carries a plush with him for comfort.


Kevin is known to be shy and generally afraid, but not to the point to where he never shows himself. As he is a victim of a murder, Kevin takes a bit to warm up to anyone; especially other animatronics. He has few friends, but Kevin is loyal to those he does have until the end.


Five Nights at Freddy's Timeline

Kevin was an ordinary kid, so not much backstory is required for his past. However, that all changed when he went to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The culprit was in a spare Toy Freddy suit, and Kevin's last memory was what he thought was the animatronic pointing a gun at him. Shortly after Kevin's death, Kevin was stuffed in Krazy. He has sometimes jokingly referred to Krazy as his "other half". Over time, and after meeting many people, Kevin has started to get over his shyness... but not that much. 

Actual Timeline

Note - Kevin's role in the actual timeline has yet to be revealed.

Roles in the StewCraft Universe


Kevin's first appearance in the actual timeline is in KevinGame.exe. In this game, the player controls Kevin and must help him escape a limbo he is trapped in before it is too late.


  • Kevin is the first Paxadora character to also be a ghost.
  • Kevin is the first Paxadora character to receive their own piece of media, being KevinGame.exe.
    • However, Randall is speculated to appear in the game as well.