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K.png I know your game, Krazy. I know how you fight. I've been watching.
~ K

K is a character from the Paxadora universe. He is the creator of Cidolfus and related viruses.


K is a human who always seems to wear a tuxedo, no matter where he is. He wears a bright red bowtie similar to Krazzo's, Toy Krazy's, and Krazy's, and a fedora atop his head that usually covers part of his face.


Due to past events that have occurred to him, K has become naturally hostile to animatronics. Therefore, he spends most of his time making viruses to infect animatronics that he might see a bother. However, he has a heart, and tries to limit himself on what he does and doesn't infect.


Five Nights at Freddy's Timeline

K has a backstory nearly identical to Kevin's at first, being a normal kid until he was brought to Freddy's, when a man in a Toy Freddy suit lured him into a room in the back. A key difference here separates K from Kevin: K survives his murderer's attack, thanks to Krazzo.

Over the years, he has grown a hatred towards animatronics (except Krazzo), and uses them to experiment with his viruses.

Actual Timeline

Note - K's role in this timeline has yet to be revealed.