Kingdom of Fun Wiki

Name: Jasper

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Status: Jester

Colors: Brownish-red, white, black, and grey

Eye color: Green

Jasper is a jester fox who loves to make other animals or humans laugh. He has the ability to walk on his hind legs rather than getting down on all fours, though he does sometimes revert to walking on all four legs. He wears a blue napkin-like scarf and a jester's hat. And of course, he can also talk just like any human. He can speak English and fluent Spanish and French.

Jasper overall is a very silly fox unless you get on his bad side. Then he becomes pretty much all hard-fox. He uses his claws on his forelegs and hindlegs as weapons, since he doesn't like using his teeth to cause damage if he has to fight something or someone.

If you do manage to become friends with Jasper, you can count on him being loyal to you, always having your back, and of course if you're down, you can count on Jasper to cheer you up.