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Genevor.png When I'm through with you, you'll regret ever meeting me.
~ Genevor

Genevor is a character in the StewCraft Universe. He is a Herobrine-esque version of Krazy.


Appearance-wise, Genevor is nearly identical to Krazy, the only exception being blank white eyes that sometimes glow in the dark.


Originally, Genevor was intent on being StewCraft's equivalent of Herobrine, bringing terror to all who see him. However, after time passed and he realized his true self, he has become much less of a menace to StewCraft as a whole - however, he still tends to get into fights with Krazy.


Genevor is the variant of a Paxadoran named Rinmaskus-Stew, and was specifically made to rival Krazy, as Rinmaksus-Stew and Krazy-Stew had long been rivals, hence Genevor's appearance. However, Genevor does not know his true origins, although he does know that he was made to combat Krazy - he often does this on instinct. Once he eventually realizes his origins, he actually loses most of his hatred for Krazy, and reduces his battles-to-the-death with simple duels, and the two have become friendly rivals since.