Greetings to all of the Fun Kingdom, it is my honor to present an individual original work to the wiki.


Carson J. Tech, CEO, Owner and President of the Ultra-conglomerate AULTECH Industries, has died. With his death the media assumes that the assigned Heir will be making his appearance within the following year. Indeed, but the heir is not like the rest of the family, having grown up as a cattle herder in Nebraska, the not yet 21 year old L.Leonard Tech is soon whisked away from the small county he grew up in and learns that he is the Heir to the largest company in the history of the world. By his 21st birthday he will assume total control of all the assets including the report vast storehouses that will be opened for the first time in 4500 years, but despite all the wealth and power he is to attain the young man Leonard Tech must first be brought up to speed of what it means to be richest man in the world. Join Leonard Tech in his journey from being going from rags to riches, and get to know the person the character of the man he is, before he is dragged down by how his company, and the world wants him to live.

How this will work.

While this is the main page, I will continue to contribute Chapters or even sub-chapters with links to this page for all to find and read.

I ask for no changes or edits to be made, and no adding categories unless specified. Until the first book is out the character will not participate in any roleplays. If an when these roleplays occur they will be based off of the books made and found here.

Comments need to be non-political, just remember this is story and not reality.


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