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Franglian is the language spoken by Frandaglians. Franglian sounds complicated at first, but is actually very easy once it is understood. A few humans, including Palabro, know the language too. The language is found difficult to pronounce by humans, though Frandaglians speak it with ease.

Speaking Franglian

Speaking Franglian is easy once uunderstood. The language is slightly similar to Pig Latin. The steps to speak Franglian are given below:

  • Think of the word you need to transalate, for example 'kingdom'.
  • Take the middle letter of the word, in this case, 'g'. If the word has an even number of letters, take the two letters in the middle.
  • Add this letter to the beginning of the word. This will now be 'gkindom'
  • Now take the other two halves and exchange them. Here, 'gdomkin'.
  • Try as hard as you can to pronounce it!
  • Note: Two-letter words have their letters exchanged. Single-letter words remain as they are.


A few examples of words in Franglian are given here to help you understand the language.

Kingdom of fun - Gdomkin fo unf.

Frandaglian - Aglianfran

Hello - Llohe

Cake - Akec