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Frandaglians are small creatures who are used by Palabro as servants and soldiers. They were found by Palabro in a cave when he passed by on his dragon. Palabro thought they were useless at first, but he soon saw how useful they could be and took a few of them with him when he left the cave. They were used as soldiers by Palabro, but after he turned good, the Frandaglians became his servants.


Frandaglians are small, about 5 inches tall, and are thought to be related to Dwarves. They have varying skin colours, but the most common are red and orange. They have only one eye, which is usually bigger than a normal eye. Tiny horns are found on their heads. Frandaglians also have slithering serpentine tails in the place of legs.


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Frandaglians speak Franglian, which is a language known to Frandaglians, but some humans know it too. Franglian sounds like utter gibberish, but can be understood easily when the listener knows the language.