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The original!

Fluffy is an animatronic dragon originally from the FNaF Friends Wiki. He appeared at the very start, and was one of the original cast of animatronics.


Fluffy is light blue with pale yellow body highlights, such as horns that function as ears, working wings, back spikes and a large tail spike, similar to that of Spyro. He has one green eye and one purple eye. His eye colours have changed many times over different pages. Some silver metal parts of his Endoskeleton are visible from the outside.


Fluffy is slightly crazy, with a normal personality. He is slightly clique in terms of personality, but he does try to stand out, normally without success. He is also clumsy, being known to crash into walls and trip over his own feet.


*sigh* Do I have to tell them?

Fluffy began with the original FNaF cast, in an apartment building. Small adventures followed, until the entire building was struck down by a meteor. Fluffy, however, survived. He became depressed because, the only people he had loved, were all dead. Soon after, he met Krazy, and that lifted his spirits, but he still was stubborn as ever. He went on a murdering spree for honestly no reason, until he decided he would just sulk again. ( I don't remember anything after that, sorry. )