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The Title Picture of Fastlegs101's Adventures.

Fastlegs101's Adventures is a fandom comic about a group of kids chosen by the alphas of the universe to defeat the ultimate enemy, Mira, the creator of darkness. It is created by the author, PopRox6012.


The Alphas

The alphas are the main guardians of the universe. Lyra, the main alpha, is the most powerful, being the creator of life. They whirl with the betas to defeat the omegas.

The Kids

The kids are Poplin Wentosch, FastLegs, Feizzy, and Daredevil.

They are each chosen by the alphas in the first story, and are special because each of them had had an enormous tragedy in their life.

The Omegas

The omegas are run by the creator of darkness. This is the group of evil doers who are known throughout the universe. They are the cause of chaos.