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FastLegs, the main Mustachio “In Science, nothing is ever complete.”

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FastLegs is fairly loud, but is a nice person and can easily make friends. She can be hot headed, however, and one wouldn't want to make her mad.


FastLegs is an 11 year old girl, with short black hair. She usually wears a blue t-shirt with a mustache on it and dark purple pants. Before she became part of the group, she was frequently made fun of four her strange name and weird glasses. The tragedy that bevell her was that she revived some sort of problem with her eyes, hence the glasses.


Her alpha is The Being of Specialty. Other wise known as TB.


  • FastLegs is the creator of the team name, the Moustachios.
  • TB is the same abbreviation for Tinker Bell from Disney, but was unknown to the author when she made it the nickname.
  • The person who FastLegs was based off of also had an enormous tragedy, but it wasn't with the eyes.
  • The real fastlegs is frequently being followed as of recently by a very large fan who types OMG a lot.

    A gif by PopRox6012 to show the fan