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Cidolfus is a virus made by K.


As Cidolfus is a virus, it has no appearance on its own. However, when it infects an animatronic, it turns their endoskeleton eyes light-blue - a sure sign of the infection.


Cidolfus is a character who mainly focuses on taking down his rivals. It is somewhat maniacal and very dangerous, though not as much as his older counterpart Gohrtom, but is very smart and knows how to use almost any situation to his advantage.


Cidolfus was originally made as a virus to defend its creator, K. However, K later found Toy Krazy and infected him with Cidolfus. At this point, though, Cidolfus refused to exist only to serve K and ran off. It later found Krazy and co. and began antagonizing them as Toy Krazy until it was removed from the system by Krazy himself.

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