Kingdom of Fun Wiki

"You ever wished there was a town or a city where no matter when you were born or how you got there You always felt at home...Lemme tell you of a town called Bridgeport, thats sits right across your towns river."


While the history of town is vague, its bridge is said to have been built during the days of the roman republic. And at some point a clock was installed on the bridge to measure both time, and the year. Then at another point the embankment end of the bridge reaching to the outside world collapsed and since then the clock neither moves nor does read the time or year. Numbers are missing and ? marks are in there place. Ages have past since those dates.

Townspeople are friendly, even the hooligans, and robbers. You always feel at home. When you arrive either by air or by swimming the river or being driven to shore, it is always the same, you see an enterainment you like and somone you have interest in, you think of asking if you can spend the night somewhere and the townspeople refer you to a house. But after the night is over you realize this has always been your house. And before you know it, you are already married, and have a sweet bunch of kids. You never want to leave, and you never really have to work somehow someway you are always provided for forever, because in Bridgeport nothing ever dies or ages.


The town can be seen opposite of a large river with a lone bridge almost connecting it to the outside world. Walking through mainstreet there are shops and plaza's dating from the roman republic to the time period you know. Its as if your walking through a town that never knew change.