• Amgnismo

    Still remember who I am? :)

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  • TheRogue12


    November 30, 2018 by TheRogue12

    I joined the wiki! :)

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  • Golden Freddy Golden


    DO I MATTER???

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  • TheAnonymousA

    One of my friends suggested that I make tunes for my songs. I started with one for one of my earlier poems, bit the tune quickly separated from the flow of the poem and turned into an unique song. I tweaked it a bit, and the result was a joyful song which I thought perfectly captured the spirit of our kingdom! You can listen to it beneath this sentence.

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  • TheAnonymousA

    I know this is late, I had exams and projects and such stuff. But anyway, on to the story of how Krazy joined the Kingdom!

    It was cold. Cold and dark. Then again, if there was light, it usually heralded doom. At least, that was what the citizens of fridgeville had come to know. Everytime the Great Door opened, the Great Light switched on, and the Great Being took away another citizen to be eaten.

    The Great being was a scientist who was researching atomic level hybridization techniques. He had invented a device which would instantly hybridize any two objects, and it was now in his pocket, insignificant compared to his hunger. He craved cheese, like how a zombie would crave brains.

    The citizens of fridgeville all shrank a little, for the Great …

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  • Pinkgirl234

    Good afternoon, everyone! Today, I have an announcement to make.

    Elementia is going to be redesigned.

    For those who don't know who Elementia is, I'll say it here: Elementia is an OC of mine who is not a fanmade character of any certain fandom or universe. She is a girl who possesses the powers of the four main elements of the Earth, namely: water, earth, fire, and air. You can find out more about her by clicking the link to Elementia's article above.

    Now, on to the main point: I have my reasons for redesigning Elementia:

    • Elementia and Primalina look VERY much alike. - This is the main reason as to why I am going to redesign Elementia. They share the same physcial appearance. If you check on Primalina, you will notice that her physical appearan…

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  • TheAnonymousA

    Delayed by exams and school, this story is finally being posted here. Read on to know how AWB entered the Kingdom.

    Tap tap tap tap tap...

    The staccato beat of the keyboard keys was the only sound in the room. The typer was sitting in front of a computer, his eyes quickly scanning the words he had written, searching for any small grammatical errors. Seeing none, he leaned back, satisfied, and pressed the Publish button. His most recent musings had now been published on his blog, Chat log. Only now, turning back, did he realise that he had an exam that day and he hadn't studied at all! He quickly picked up his books and skimmed through them, rusrushing to school at the same time.

    A few hours later...

    He threw his books onto the table and collapse…

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  • TheAnonymousA

    So following up on yesterday's post, I'm going to start posting these short stories about life in the Kingdom of Fun. Part 1 is about introducing the main characters and how they arrived in the Kingdom. Ths story is about Pinkalina, the Queen who started it all.

    Pinkalina sighed as she looked at all her homework left to do. Sometimes it felt like the purpose of life was to do homework and not to have fun. Glumly picking up her pen, she made a silent wish in her mind that she might live somewhere where the only thing to do was have fun with friends. As she was writing a long essay on an ancient war, a tiny sparkle at the window caught her eye. She turned towards the window and saw a fountain of pink glitter coming from somewhere under her wi…

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  • TheAnonymousA

    The Kingdom's new year

    December 31, 2016 by TheAnonymousA

    So, I often 'write' these small paragraphs in my mind about the Kingdom of Fun when I'm bored, and I actually have enough to construct a map of the kingdom. However, that's probably for another blog post. Right now, here's one I made for New Year.

    The friends stood on the crystal floor of the Grand palace's balcony, watching the celebrations all over the kingdom bending the golden rails. There was the Queen and the ruler of the kingdom, Pinkalina, along with some of her friends, Krazy, a Paxadoran who had found his way to the kingdom, AWikiBoy, a small yet wonderful Iceberg Lettuce, and TheAnonymousA, the royal poet. Melodie, who was standing at a side, started singing.

    "Once upon a time,

    When 2016 came to an end,

    A group of friends

    Gathered to…

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    Yeah, today we're gonna make as many acronyms out of the word UHFO as we can. Ler's have fun, but remember to follow the wiki rules.

    Acronyms so far:

    • Ultimate Hashbrowns For Others
    • Universal Help For Outsiders
    • Undertale Has Finally Outstood
    • UnHeinous Flying Object
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  • Showtime von Party

    React to...

    October 16, 2016 by Showtime von Party

    Welcome to my blog!

    I saw Pinkgirl do one of these, so I've decided to get some videos (with a lack of variety, sorry to say.)

    Here are your options:

    Audience - Episode 1 - Party Pooper

    Devil's Train (AMV)

    Writer the Ghost (AMV)

    Tell me your reactions in the comments!

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  • Showtime von Party

    & - Tally Hall

    October 16, 2016 by Showtime von Party

    & - Tally Hall (my favourite part)

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  • Pinkgirl234

    React To This

    October 9, 2016 by Pinkgirl234

    Halloween is coming right?

    So, I have a dare. And my dare is...

    react to this!

    Here is the main objective: watch the entire video (which is only in two minutes) and describe your reaction, your thoughts or your feelings for it down in the comments section below after watching it.

    Oh, and don't worry. The video is pure safe. Nothing to mildly NSFW in it. Because if it was, I would never link it, since it is prone to breaking the rules here.

    Anyway. Feel free to watch the video and share your reaction afterwards.

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Blog: I'm so sorry.

    August 18, 2016 by TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here.

    Yeah, I know, usually I'm more enthusiastic than that, but life has been so stressful for me lately. Life have thrown these at me within the span of this month so far:

    • Back-to-school stress.
      • Homework.
    • Trying to find a job.
      • Writing applications. (It gets tedious when you have to do 20 applications within the span of a month.)
      • Trying to call companies to stay updated.
      • Find times to go on interviews.
    • Loss of a relative.
    • Failing to find enough time to do what I actually want to do and follow my passions.
      • Like making the games...
      • ...or posting anything to my YouTube channel.

    So, why am I making this post, may you ask? Do I want your pity? No, you can keep it. I'm just making this because life is so stressful, I may have to st…

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  • Pinkgirl234

    With us humans living in a world full of danger, we have to be careful, for we don't know what trouble may spring up from each corner.

    Pokémon Go is currently a popular game around the world isn't it? For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a mobile game in which you can search for and catch a virtual Pokémon in a augmented real environment. So yeah, you're trying to catch a Pokémon or more in real life in which the places you go are used in the game. For more information on Pokémon Go, check this article out in Wikipedia.

    Despite the prevalent popularity of Pokémon Go around the world, it however, sparked tons of controversies. One known controversy is that this game has lead lots of players to accidents. An example of this is whe…

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    I got bored, so I figured, "Eh, might as well make catchphrases for my characters because why not?" Let's go ahead and begin.

    (Note: I will most likely edit this as time goes on.)

    Hello everyone! My name is Krazy.

    ...You promise you won't hurt me?

    Meow. I'm Widy!

    Hi there, boys and girls! Ready to have a great time?

    ...Well, I guess I can make arrangements!

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  • Golden Freddy Golden

    Yes.. I'm doing this for the sake of my boredom...

    Fill in the things below!

    Full Name:

    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:

    Clothing: *Optional: Put a picture if you can't think of anything


    Chapter That you would want your character to be in ~ 1 - 29 only..

    And after all that.. Enjoy a sneak peak of Light and Darkness!

    So.. You really Did it.. You've destroyed the Time Room.. Life has gone downhill.. How do you suppose we finish it all..?
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  • *CypherNova*


    April 20, 2016 by *CypherNova*

    Hey, I would call this an introduction, but it isn't, I've been here before. I'm Zynical/Psychodash. Why a new account? Well, and trust me, I had plans of staying on my Zynical account, but one day I found myself unable to access it. So this is my new account.

    I am also planning on renaming, but only when Wikia gets itself together about renames. XD

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  • Vrescendo


    April 1, 2016 by Vrescendo

    I'm leaving wikia... Q o Q

    FOREVER!! ;~;

    Nyoo hooh hooh

    I can't tell you why.

    But what I can tell you is...






       Happy April fools!

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  • Océanee

    Sean's Puns

    February 21, 2016 by Océanee


    1.) Sean: Whaddya call a fake noodle?

     You: What?

    Sean: AN IMPASTA!






    4.) That was ONIX-pected

    Excuse me ma'am, But is this BUTTERFREE?

    I'd say this is an ODDISH.

    I'd RAICHU a joke and aMEWS you.

    Wanna take a look on my MAGIKARP-et ride?

    I needa here a HOOT-HOOT!

    There is no SHAYMIN falling down.

    That's ABSOL-ute…

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  • Océanee

    So basically, I'm going to leave Wikia for a short amount of time, I am not going to leave wikia forever but a short amount of time, Probably going to be back until April 16, I will NOT state the reason why I will be inactive however, I could state the reason if I feel comfortable enough ^.^ 



    But anyways.. Yea, I am leaving wikia for a short period of time, And yes. That is it for my very first blog.

    ~Lovies Ocean.

    Edit: Plans have changed, I won't have to be inactive 'v' and my gosh.

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Poll: Favorites

    January 19, 2016 by TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    Today, I'll need some opinions. And yes, this is relevant to the game.

    Please help me find out how to make what in the game. Thank you for your time.

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  • TheKrazyStew


    January 1, 2016 by TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    2016 is finally here! To celebrate, I'm ready to announce...

    ...I've decided to make the game.

    After overwhelming support from friends and family, I think I'm ready to make it.

    Don't expect anything TOO huge just yet as the game is still in the planning phase, but I will start uploading sprites of characters that I will confirm to be in the game.

    That's pretty much it for now. I won't reveal the plotline just yet, I'm still not ready, but I am super excited to get this going.

    But until then, I am The Krazy Stew and I will see you all later!

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  • General Phychodash

    Hey guys, Psychodash here. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

    I may be early to some of you, I'm just doing this now so hopefully everyone can see it, but if I'm late for you, than Merry Late Christmas, and if you don't celebrate it, Merry whatever you celebrate (that sounds bad but I don't know all the holidays).

    Thats all I wanted to say, may the holiday you celebrate be great! And Happy Early New Year aswell!~

    Psychodash My talk!

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Blog: The Games

    December 15, 2015 by TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    Today, I just have a question for you all. I'm trying to see if this will be worth it... I'm planning on makeing a video game with my characters. I need to know...

    Other possible characters - without pictures (so far) :

    • Krazzo
    • K
    • Randall
    • Malachite
    • Robert
    • And one more...

    I need help deciding whether I should do this, since it'll be a big project of mine. But until next time, I am The Krazy Stew and I will see you all later!

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  • Pinkgirl234

    What Is Christmas To You?

    December 13, 2015 by Pinkgirl234

    Hello everyone! This is my first blog in this wiki. If you are interested, feel free to keep reading.

    Yesterday (December 12, 2015), I attended this program in our school called "Bata Bata Treat Kita". Before I got there, I was walking along the overpass, which is the cemented bridge that hangs over a road, I ran into this old man begging for alms by the stairs. Out of pity, I decided to give him the juice drink (that hasn't been opened yet) that I brought with me.

    When I arrived at school, the program already started but I still made it anyway. The program consists of 149 unfortunate children (Supposedly 150, but one child did not attend) as well as the teachers of the school, some parents and even some of us students who attended. There w…

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    Today, I'm in a predicament. I have a vague backstory set for some of my characters, but I need to become more specific. And what better way to make the backstory of roleplay characters than through roleplaying?

    I currently have two loocations open for hire in a FNaF-esque scenario: Krazy's Playplace & Pizza, and Loko & Loka's World Tour. If you wish for a job in either of these locations, let me know in the comments, and which building you would like to work at.

    (Note that these two locations are not open at the same time, canon-wise - Loko & Loka's closed before Krazy's opened.)

    • Don't leave your post during your shift. It's safer than trying to leave in the middle of the night - not that you'd be in any danger,…

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  • TheAnonymousA

    A comic-Pirates

    December 5, 2015 by TheAnonymousA

    Hi everyone! This is a comic I made a while back for school. I call it Pirates. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

    (Pictures coming tomorrow, it's too dark now)

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  • TheAnonymousA

    A story

    December 5, 2015 by TheAnonymousA

    Hi there!

    I was thinking, I'm an author, and here we have lots of characters. So I might be able to write a story based on the characters here. We'll need some villians too, but I can handle those. If you want your character in the story, just ask in the comments! Also, I might want a few particular characters, so I'll ask their owners specifically. If I do this correctly, we can have almost everything in this Wiki as one story. Think of it as a Christmas gift for the Wiki! So give me your ideas and characters and let's make a story! If you know how to write stories, then you can help if you want.

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  • TheAnonymousA

    My drawing skills

    December 5, 2015 by TheAnonymousA

    Hello, It's TheAnonymousA here. But you might already know that, since this is my user blog. Anyway, on my user page(or profile document), I mentioned that I was bad at drawing. The truth is, I'm slightly good at drawing Comic figures, which I draw differently, and I'm okay at humans....until it comes to the face. I used to draw nicely, but since I haven't drawn for a while, I forgot how to draw faces. This is what happened when I tried to draw Melodie:

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  • PopRox6012


    October 24, 2015 by PopRox6012

    Hi k high guardian devi here! 

    Since it's the spookier time of year, I'm recommending some spookier Fandoms if you want! 

    Obviously, there's fnaf. If you want to go for spooky over scary, I'd recommend the first game. 

    Next, coming in would be slender man. I'm sure everyone knows thus, but the story behind it is spooky! 

    Another is portal. A puzzle game that is fantastic! 

    One more, I'd recommend homestuck. Although, I'm going to be careful with this one, because it is more mature than the other titles. I wouldn't reck m end it for audiences under 13, mainly because the characters tend to swear and mention stuff. However, buy the time you get near the end of at five, act two, you will be veiled out by one work. 

    HoNk! :O)

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    I just want to take a second and say "Wow". Since I joined this Wiki, I've been getting comments about how good my pages are here, whether it be on my message wall here, or on chat, or even on other Wikis. Thank you so much for your support, and I'll try to make my pages even better.

    I've also been told by several people - including outside of Wikia - that I should be making some animations and comics for my characters. Honestly, I'm flattered by this. As far as animations go, however, I'm having a bit of trouble making the models for my characters. As for comics, I have made several short stories with my characters called "Paxadora Shorts" on another Wiki, though I have yet to make a full-length story with the…

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  • Dan Uzumaki

    Guess what? :3

    October 13, 2015 by Dan Uzumaki
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  • TheKrazyStew

    Blog: Facts About Me!

    October 10, 2015 by TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    A'right, I'm seeing lots of people doing stuff like this so I figured "Why not?"

    But the others included info that I wouldn't share, personally, so I'll just put up random facts about myself instead.

    • Most of my OCs are based off of my past. For example...
      • Krazy is based off an imaginary friend I had as a kid.
        • However, at that time, he looked just like Toy Krazy or Loko.
      • Kevin represents me as a kid... except I didn't die.
      • Widy is based off a stuffed animal I had as a kid. I still have it today, actually. Don't judge.
    • Just like my OCs, I don't like the concept of death at all. I hate it when people are killed or commit suicide.
      • I'm not saying that I hate the people that do that. Calm down.
    • I am a Christian, and am not a…
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  • PopRox6012

    FAQ about me!

    October 10, 2015 by PopRox6012

    Since everyone seems to be doing it, here you go! But I won't be outing my age in here because that is somewhat more personal information in my opinion. 

    Real name: Joan :3

    Gender: female

    Species: human! :p

    Location: America

    Spoken languages: mandarin Chinese, English, German, Hawaiian (barely)

    Favorite subject: lunch! Just kidding, economics, orchestra, and art. 

    Eye color: grey blue

    Favorite color: white, orange

    Favorite soft drink: Faygo

    Favorite drink: ; water, frozen lemonade

    Favorite Web comic: Paradox Space

    Favorite game: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

    Favorite game genre: Adventure RPG with an equal focus on gaming and storyline

    Favorite songs: Temporal Shenanigans, Ugly Story, Noticed, Balloons, which ate all found in the Internet vi…

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  • PopRox6012


    October 6, 2015 by PopRox6012

    In ago honesty, this is to get the badge :3

    But the reason I wasn't here for a bit wad that I got braces today, this morning. And boy, does my mouth hurt. Also, it is worth mentioning that my tablet has auto correct, meaning that some words will change.I might not find these mistakes, so please don't take offense or anything if I type autobiographical instead of also. 



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  • Freeman23

    FAQ about me

    September 29, 2015 by Freeman23

    Name: Sam

    Age: 21 (been Wikier for 7 years)

    Hobbies: Collaborative writing, role playing, attending college, and spending time with friends, whether by chat room or out and about.

    Favorite Food: New never tried before things

    Favorite Tv show: Marvel's Agents of Shield

    Most Beautiful Place: Grand Canyon

    Ask me more:

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  • HyperactiveDorito

    My friends

    September 20, 2015 by HyperactiveDorito

    gotta update dis everyday

    User:FrankTheDetective - My first friend around Wikia.

    User:KewlPie22 - shes a sweet friend and loves to rp

    User:MarcusSanchez - a awesome roleplay friend!

    User:Manglytyg - a nice caring friend.

    User:Pinkgirl234 - who does not love the founder of this beautiful kingdom?

    User:AnimatronicHurricane - hurricane lovah

    User:OctolingX - met this at LMR.

    i will miss them :(

    User:TehPurpleGuy/User:MemeMaster12 - Died of suicide in September 16 2015

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  • TheToonLink12

    Real Name? Edd.

    Gender? Male

    Hobbies? Surfing around the internet , drawing and going to school xD

           What do you draw? Random stuff.

    Birthday? Dec. 24

    Occupation? Pharmacy Worker.

    Best Friends? FrankTheDetective and Pinkgirl234.

    Now here we go the favorites.....

    Game? Five Nights At Freddy's and Gmod.

    Color? Red

    Wikia? Kingdom of fun

    FNaF Animatronic? Plushtrap

    Food? Pizza

    School Subject? Science

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  • Hayashi-chan

    Art blog, Yay!   ´ ▽ ` )ノ My art is very very... bad.. (╥﹏╥) Please Forgive me for the noob-ness of drawing, Anyways, I have the no shame to show my art :D I am a mouse-user FYI. 

    P.S I'm going to add more

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  • Freeman23


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  • Freeman23

    For all of those who have started to follow my recently created Story in progress, Please feel free to discuss amongst yourselves or write up ideas you might have that I can consider adding to the story. 

    For Example: I don't have names for the kids who will become Bonnie, Foxy, Freddy (brown) and Chica. 

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  • Stan890

    To-Do List

    July 12, 2015 by Stan890

    To-Do List so I don't forget things:

    • Make Articles
    • MediaWiki Glow/Pulsate avatar into personal css
    • Add Font to personal css
    • Finish Profile
    • More Fun and Games :P
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  • SketchKats24

    This is just a simple FAQ in case anyone wants to know more about me.

    What's your real name? Alex.
    What's your real age? Only to people I trust I share my real age to.
    What about your gender? Agender.
    Your REAL gender? Agender.

    What are your preferred pronouns? They/them or ey/em, however, you can call me by he/she/they/etc. It doesn't really bother me. Though, I really prefer they/them more.

    What's your sexual orientation? Gray-A or Demi-Gray, not sure yet.

    What's that? Check it.

    Are you in a relationship? Yes.

    Who? Rainbowsmash34, not sure if he's on this wiki.

    Are you polyamourous? Well, yes and no—It's kind of hard to explain. I'm not even sure myself.
    Where are you from? Northern Alabama.
    City? No.
    What are your roots? Dutch and Belgian.
    What's your race? Caucasi…

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  • Edd The ONAC Developer

    Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy random , much right? and random pics.

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  • High-Aquilifer Elliot


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  • DB511611

    Making an RPG

    June 4, 2015 by DB511611

    I am creating an RPG and I need help with many things if you'd like to contribute.

    It's about a type of slime used as a power source for all things and the villain wants to use this slime to create robots that will bring upon a new world order.

    If you have any characters or character designs you can tell me and/or show me some of them if you'd like.

    If you have ideas you'd like to add onto the story, feel free to let me know them.

    If you have done sprite work in the past or have any experience with sprite work you could make some character sprites, item sprites or any other sprites I might need.

    I do hope you will contribute but if you don't want to that is fine also.

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