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Since I am a lower class to you, you are now my Master
~ Akira Mizushima

Akira Mizushima is a one of a kind Neko. He will imprint anyone more powerful than him, in which he makes them his master. In a lower case he is lovely to be with, since he will follow any orders his master commands him to do.

If I am a trouble, I should just submit and die.


He has black hair, emerald Green eyes, sports a black bowtie, a white polo shirt underneath his vest, a pair of black pants with a hole in the back to fit in his tail, and a pair black shoes in which in this case seems to make his attire formal.


With a Master: Committed, shy, and a good Butler.

Without a Master: Strong sense of humor, jumpy, and a troublemaker.


Hardened Tail - His tail is as hard as diamonds, in which case makes his tail somewhat more stronger than most irons.

"Feline Companion" - A Chropi GP10 Submachine Gun, usually used for his own defense and for his Master's defence.


Large Opening of Reflexes: Due to Akira being a Half Felis-Catus, his reflexes are maximized to it's very top, allowing him to dodge most attacks.

Massive Amounts of Strength: Although no Homosapien has this kind of strength, he is apparently a half Loxodonta (Elephant). Given that strength he can be able to lift massive objects without worry, helping with some heavy tasks.

Regeneration: Without help from all of the species he was halved with, his regeneration is out of standards, allowing any wound or limb cut off, even organ deprivation, and with this much speed, he can heal anyone with a touch for 180 seconds.