A Wolf's Tail

A Wolf's Tale is a series about a young wolf who must learn to grow up without relying on others.

The main character is a young wolf pup named Alex, who is chosen by his father to inherit magic that has been passed down since the beginning of time itself. The mother believed that her perfect son, Maxwell, would inherit the magic due to being perfect and all that. 

Valus, Alex's father, visits the pups to choose who is worthy of the magic, and finds Alex to be the suitable pup. Even though both the mother and Maxwell protest, Valus and Alex leave for the Training Grounds.


  • Alex
  • Valus
  • Maxwell
  • Umbra
  • Agatha

"easter Eggs"

  • Valus is Latin for Protective, defining the Father's personality
  • Umbra is Latin for Shadow, explaining the Mother's dark powers.
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